Getting the word out; marketing in a nutshell.

Marketing with Gleneden Ridge Design

Marketing can be confusing to many people and businesses, especially in a smaller market like Salmon Arm and the Shuswap. And with so many online and offline options, it can be daunting to know where to start, how much to spend, and what is the best way forward.

Gleneden Ridge Design has seen both big companies and local businesses being misdirected and taken advantage of in this tricky arena, often spending thousands of dollars with nothing in return. We want to change that.

With a flexible, affordable, and customizable options, we’re here to help you choose the right path for your online and offline marketing and advertising dollars. We want to guide you and help you succeed, and that’s what local business is about and what small businesses need.

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Marketing, SEO, and blogs

Flexible Marketing Options

Where to start?

With so many options available, its difficult to know where to start with your marketing; do you place magazine ads, banners on industry-based websites, or focus on your SEO or social media?

First, we need to think about your target audience: who there are, what they need, how they do business, why do they need your help, and how can you help them? Once you’ve identified that, we can start putting together ideas, promotions, and offers that would be attractive to them.

Now we can put together your outlining and creating your marketing:

  • Focus on your SEO, maybe create a blog, integrate your website with your social media channels.
  • Start creating posts and website content to focus on your services and promos.
  • Create call-to-actions on your posts and web pages that link to landing pages that detail your services, products and promos to capture leads and attention.

If you need help planning your marketing or setting up your SEO, blog, and social media, get in touch as we’re happy to help.

Then we can start looking at other media:

  • Google Ads and Facebook Ads both offer good, flexible marketing options, and you can balance your budget and focus on your target audience easily using their tools.
  • Try Reciprocal Linking; ask your business partners if they would allow you to place banners on their websites that link to landing pages on yours, with the understanding that they can place banners on yours that link to theirs.
  • Look at banner ads on industry-specific websites, or print ads in industry-specific magazines. Be careful with pricing though, as these can be expensive, so make sure that you don’t break your budget with an ad that doesn’t bring anything back to you.
  • If you do decide to advertise, either with industry-specific website banner ads or magazine print ads, don’t forget to properly design your ads with good, clear headings, graphics and logos, and calls-to-action that lead to landing pages on your website that guide the user to forms and resources that will help to turn them into prospects, and then clients.

Talk to us if you need any help or advice with these tools or strategies.


Marketing Growth

Now that we have the basics in place, we can use google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to analyse the traffic through your website and social media so we can start to target the campaigns to the right prospects more accurately.

Need help anaylzing your marketing campaigns? Give us a call!

And don’t forget there other techniques and strategies to add to your marketing:

All of these channels are worth exploring, especially branding, packageing, and merchandising; they all play a huge part in marketing, making your brand recognizable, and growing your business.

Get in touch with us for help and advice.

Marketing growth

When it comes to your planning, designing, organizing, and scheduling your marketing campaigns, if you need help, at any stage, we’re here for you, so don’t hesitate to contact us.