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Whether it’s traditional, modern, textual, or graphical, your logo says everything about your company; it’s history, heritage, area of specialization or industry, branding, and professionalism. All of this can be encapsulated in your logo and branding, and that then filters down to your overall corporate image, so it’s important to get it right.

And here’s how we go about creating the perfect business logo.

Logo design and branding
Logo design process

The Logo Design Process

The logo design process goes through a number of stages, with client review and comment at multiple stages through the process. This design-Review-Redesign process may go through multiple cycles, or may be completed quickly, depending the exact design and requirements. Here is a typical scenario:

Customer Briefing Session

We start with a customer briefing session, where we find out what the customer needs, whether they have an existing logo that needs refining, or a full redesign, and whether they have any ideas themselves as to what they like and what they’d like to see.

Initial Rough Concepts

From the notes taken in the client briefing session, we put together a range of rough initial outline designs. The client may or may not like any of these initial roughs, but they do serve to start off the thought process, and allow the development of new thoughts, ideas, and designs, from both the client and the designer’s perspective.

Review and Expansion of Initial Concepts

Client feedback and designer response from the initial roughs serve to move them forward to more refined and/or different designs, more inline with the customer requirements.

Second-Round Design and Review

This results in a second-round design session, and a second review of the new and updated designs by the customer.

Third-Round Design and Review

Comments from the second-round reviews leads to a third-round design session to move several of the designs towards logo versions closer to the client’s needs.

Additional design and review sessions may be required to continually refine the designs to a final version.

Final Logo Selection and Design Polishing

Finally, a logo is chosen from the final few selections, which is then further developed, if required, into an ultimate version. This final version is then rendered into a variety of formats useable in a variety of media, such as stationery, signage, online use and brochure use.

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