Domain names and web hosting services

Domain Names and Hosting Services

Web hosting, DNS services, and domain names are a vitally important part of our business infrastructure and our lives these days. Because of them, we are able to browse the internet, go shopping for products and services online, book appointments, have Zoom meetings, use social media, and create our own websites. But these areas are also a minefield as there is such a plethora of choice, and so many options, it can be difficult to know what service to choose, once you have your domain name. Gleneden Ridge Design in Salmon Arm would like to help guide you through that minefield.

At present, Gleneden Ridge Design does not itself provide domain names, DNS services, or website hosting or web servers. We are looking into providing these services, but in the meantime, we will advise our customers in finding their perfect domain name, and will assist in purchasing, provisioning and setting up our clients’ website hosting platforms as required.

If you need help or advice with your domain names and/or hosting, please talk to us as we’d be happy to help!

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Recommended Domain Name and Website Service Providers

There are a number of domain name and hosting service providers that we do use on a regular basis, both for our own websites and for our customers; we’ve listed some of them below, along with their website links and contact details:

Web Names

One of Canada’s original domain name and hosting companies.

Web Hosting Canada

Another top Canadian domain name and hosting company.



A US-based provider; but flexible, and support is good.

Google Domains

If you have a Google account, or if you want to set one up, you can use their domain name services.