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Welcome to Gleneden Ridge Design.

Graphic design, print, website development, social media, marketing, and artwork to fit your needs, based locally in Salmon Arm, and priced to fit your pocket!

Design doesn’t have to be expensive, or elitist. It can be daunting when small businesses are faced with a fistful of baffling buzzwords, with confusing marketing plans and involved pricing schemes. That’s where we come in.

Design for Small Business.

Working with you. Helping you grow.

Gleneden Ridge Design prides itself on appealing to the business who just wants to get on with their job, grow their business, and be talked to on their own level, and not get involved with typical marketing jargon and concepts.

We will guide you through the maze of how to create your website, around the pitfalls of social media, and over the bumps of marketing and creative design.

Website Design, Graphic Design, Social Media, Marketing.

Priced to be Affordable.

And we can tailor our pricing to your project, to you budgets, and develop your website over a period of time to spread the cost. We can also create annual plans at discounted rates.

Try us and see!

Your graphic design & online marketing partner, based locally in Gleneden, Salmon Arm, with clients in the Shuswap, Thompson-Okanagan, and the Fraser Valley.

Phone: 604 997 6469


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You can see samples of our work in the relevant sections of this site; just select from:

Why use a Graphic Designer, Web Developer, or Marketing Specialist?

  • They can advise you on the best approach to a project, based on your business, client base, and resources
  • Designer’s are trained to create well-balanced, eye-catching, affective work to present your business in the most professional and informative way
  • Being specialists, they tend to have a deeper understanding of the technical aspects of design, internet, and marketing arenas than those that work in other areas of industry.
  • They are therefore more able to make the right decisions when it comes to creating your website, brochure, or campaign, thus helping to grow your business.

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